Stuart Davis: What is the Meaning of Life?

Excellence Reporter: Stuart, what is the meaning of life? Stuart Davis: “The meaning of life is birth and death. A unity of opposites, perfectly coupled in each mysterious being. One hand writes and one erases / all these twins with different faces.” *** ~Stuart Davis, Copyright © 2016 […]

Ezra Bayda: On Meaning

Maybe you’re not particularly worried about death, but perhaps you’ve had periods where you questioned whether there was any enduring meaning in life. Maybe you asked the question: Is this all there is? Or: What is the point? This isn’t unusual, since by nature we’re programmed to seek […]

Alexander Batthyány: The Meaning of Life and The Metaphor of the Candle

Excellence Reporter: Dr. Batthyány, what is the meaning of life? Alexander Batthyány: According to Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy—the one pioneering psychological school which single-handedly put meaning on the landscape of psychology and psychotherapy—life is meaningful – not so much because there is one single Meaning of Life, but rather because […]