Dr. Marcia Emery: The Meaning of Life… Unveiling the Heavenly Plan

marciaemery300.jpgAt the exact moment of your birth, a horoscope or blueprint is created that describes YOU. We all come in with pluses and minuses in our character and don’t always like the living situations we are assigned. The meaning of life is to unveil this heavenly plan and bring out your potential as you minimize and eliminate liabilities.

Life is your class room and you come here to learn. Let me demonstrate this by using myself as an example since I know me more intimately than I know you. My assignment in this classroom of life led me to be a daughter, wife, stepmother, grandmother, professor, teacher, author, and dancer. I learned how to cultivate positive traits by being compassionate, loving, understanding, charitable, imaginative, sympathetic and devoted. At the same time I had to corral or limit negative tendencies of being overly worrisome, impractical, too sensitive, dreamy or timid.

When we incarnate in this life, we each come in with a work assignment. We are given a “job” to do. Another meaning of life is to find and honor the work you were brought here to do with joy from your heart and soul. Using the words ‘work’ and ‘assignment’ sound heavy duty and can be made lighter. You are here to find your passion and immerse yourself into that activity so it is not work but play and fun. Where is your passion? We have many opportunities to make this discovery. Using myself as an example again, I turn to the time that first predictive dream came in May 1970. I didn’t know that the mind could be stretched to foresee upcoming events. I taught in a Washington DC University and was baffled by having dreams that came true. The predictive dreams came one after another. I discovered that the intuitive mind speaks to us at night in the form of a dream. This passion for dreams and intuition is the meaning of my life and has led me to write about intuition and dreams in published books and teach these areas to a multitude of people.

I encourage you to find your passion and find any character traits that need to be honed or possibly eliminated. At the same time, honor your positive potentials as you continue to grow and evolve.


~Marcia Emery, Ph.D has led a magical life, from being a pioneer in the field of applied intuition, and a traditional psychologist, consultant, and college professor to stepping out into the world of parapsychology, where she blends the study of intuition and dreams in her books and in the college classroom. She is the author of three books: PowerHunch!, The Intuitive Healer, and Dr. Marcia’s Intuition Workbook.. Active in the field of dreams, Marcia was one of three experts on the three hour mini-series TV Show, “Dream Decoders” aired on the Discovery Health Channel. She is a former Board Member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Dr. Emery hosted the Voice America internet radio show, The Partnership of Intuition and Dreams where she interviewed a prominent expert in the field of dreams or intuition every week for over a year. Marcia Emery resides in Kensington, CA with her husband/collaborator Jim Emery, partner of 33 years.

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