Elba Mueller: The Meaning of Life and The School of Virtues

Elba Mueller fotoExcellence Reporter: Elba, what is the meaning of life?

Elba Mueller: From where I find myself in consciousness, the meaning of life, to me, has two main paths. On one path, it is simple “perception.” I see it, as the capacity (intelligence) of giving meaning to its own existence.

The path of perception, offers the ecstasy of experience. Learning by experience is then the highest proof of intelligent beings. Through experience, intelligence has the possibility of witnessing itself with its infinite creativity, potential, and will, to design the canvas of life through its own being-ness, its own blood, its own energy. A world weaved by thought alone. If a computer were to wake up and become fully self-aware, it could see itself, experience itself, and use its power to project images onto a screen without the intermediary of a person. Then, what purpose could it have, but just experiencing its full potential?

On a second path, I see it as “school of virtues.” We are consciousness units or beings in training continuously evolving, expanding as the history of mankind has shown. We seem to live in a matrix of thought in order to learn to develop, to create, to grow in consciousness so as to learn to live harmoniously in a universe of invisible entities, made up of conscious energy.

The path of education, makes sense to the intellect and to the heart. We are all cells in the body of humanity, learning through experience to collaborate for optimum health. The cells of our bodies are intelligent and learn to adapt in order to serve us in spite of our bad habits. Humans, as cells of humanity also learn in order to serve. Just as the cells of the body, when they become separate, they die. Cells go where they are needed where they can fulfill their purpose, not where they stubbornly want, in order for humanity to exist. All body cells come from stem cells, and for some magical reason, some go the brain, some to the liver, and others ones make up the skin. On what basis do they know where to go? In my perception, they go to where they’re needed for the entity to survive and thrive. They do not follow passion, they followed the need to exist, not to destroy, to serve the entire body with what they do best.

Service is then the master purpose of life. In order to serve our creation, we need virtues that can only be acquired consciously, not intellectually, through experience. Thus, the two paths converge. The purpose of life is to learn the virtues of good will for self and all, courage, honesty, prudence or temperance, mental force and resilience, and all of this takes place through experience.


~Elba Mueller is a life coach, writer and public speaker. Elba is certified in meditation by the internationally recognized Chopra Center for Wellbeing and is in the process of finalizing her certification at The Enneagram Institute in personality typology. With a law degree from Universidad Nuevo Mundo in Mexico City and wide experience working in the administration field, Elba has spent much of her professional life in the corporate environment. She has experienced firsthand the effects of high stress levels, and has learned that self-knowledge and meditation allows individuals to release stress and live joyfully. Author of Beginners Guide to Happiness: 15 Secrets for a Richer more Fulfilling Life.

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