Alisha Hawrylyszyn Frank: What Is the Meaning of Life?

8ca537_a48da5567bed4616b0cbb0ec95128055As the clouds move gradually across the sky, my eyes are fixated on the sunset and, I sit and ponder the meaning of life. In this moment I am at peace. My mind is calm and my body is still. I need nothing and feel complete — whole. I know the answer to this perplex question is simple because all of life’s questions tend to only become complicated after racing through the mind of mankind. I closed my eyes and sincerely asked the Universe within my temple to show me the answer. And the answer, my friend, is peace.

Peace is a simple answer to the meaning of life question, yet attaining it may be a challenge that can take a lifetime (or many). Every individual has many lessons to learn throughout life in order to come to a place free from their perceived reality. We must find a happy balance in all aspects of life. Every new situation can bring us back to a place of reflection which may or may not allow for inner growth. The actions that each of us take have to be well understood deep within our soul.

Peace is achieved through connecting to a higher power while still having the capability to live in this body during this time. Through meditation we often get to experience true inner peace. However, the true test when one becomes attuned to a higher state of consciousness is being able to maintain that state of mind. Our spirit must be awakened through love to truly allow for peace to be present.

The meaning of life is peace. Allow peace to enter you, and into each of your brothers and sisters through you. For this is your time for peace to be present.


~Alisha Hawrylyszyn Frank is a NYU certified life coach, Reiki Master, yoga instructor and writer for MindBodyGreen and The Chopra Center who is best known for her empathetic nature, non-judgmental approach and light-hearted humor. Alisha is a true activist for both human beings & animals alike advocating all the way from her childhood home in Oxford, Michigan to the prestigious United Nations in New York City.

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  1. You sound religous. Except instead of using the word God or Him, you replaced it with peace.

    I disagree with you though. I’d say there is no meaning to life or rather it doesn’t matter. We have to live this life with no true answers besides the ones we make up for ourselves. Everyone knows you can just make up your own purpose and if anyone can do that then it must not really matter what you choose. For instance I would say it’s passion over peace. I’ve had inner and outer peace for years now and I don’t feel like life is anymore complete or satisfying because of it.

    What happens after you die and what is in the rest of the universe are the only two great mysteries that will give us answers. Religion, god, meaning of life, how we got here, how the universe started, and if there is more of them are all completely unknowable at this point.


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