Karen McPhee: The Meaning of Life and Our True Essence

Karen 4Excellence Reporter: Karen, what is the meaning of life?

Karen McPhee: I feel we are here to fully express all that we are, to keep discovering more of ourselves so we have more to share and give to others. Our true essence is love, so this means that we are really here to share and express love. We can do this in small ways – a loving gesture, a smile, a supportive arm – or in larger ways like giving our time and energy to an important relationship or cause. When we are being loving, we are in the experience of love and that brings deep meaning to the moments of life.

We can all begin today to peel away what isn’t really important and let love come to the forefront of our lives. In each encounter, we can hold the intention to come from love. With every major decision we face, we can pause to consider, What would love do or say? Which choice brings more love into my life and therefore the greater world?

As many sages have shared with us, love begins with the self. We can’t give what we don’t have. Although we are love in our essential nature, we must know it experientially in order to be an embodiment of it. That begins with bringing patience, love and compassion to ourselves which then naturally extends to others. To give yourself a small dose of loving kindness, check out the free audio meditation, Hug Yourself, on my website.

Wishing you a day of knowing and being the love that you are. As we each shine the light of our love into the world, we too are blessed.


~Karen McPhee invites people into an experience of their divine nature and assists them with breaking free of limitations and suffering. She studied with Eckhart Tolle for many years and was invited by him to teach others how to live in presence. Karen uplifts and inspires people through her sessions, teleclasses and meditations.

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  1. My goodness how beautifully simple,”To hold the intention to come from love” should be a fruitful practice.
    Thanks 🌻


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