Lars Muhl: The Meaning of Life… Transforming Matter Into Spirit

lars-muhl-2-600pxExcellence Reporter: Lars, what is the meaning of life?

Lars Muhl: Each and every human being is an ambassador of the first cause, the creative principle, also called God. As Yeshua says in The New Testament: “You are all children of God” and “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”.

We are all created in the image of God, are carrying the divine essence within, and are therefore co-­creators of the earthly reality, a creation that is still going on. That is why we were given free will as a gift when we incarnated on Earth. With every breath we take we are able to make a choice. And it is our choices that determine the reality we are experiencing and that we must cope with.

Man is a transformer. He must transform matter into spirit, and darkness into light. Everything must be transformed. Regardless of whether one is director of the World Bank or a striptease dancer in a third rate joint in Soho, the challenge for everyone is the same: to understand the need to transform one’s life into a divine art form, an undertaking requiring close association with God, with the overall purpose of spreading light on Earth.


~Lars Muhl is a danish mystic and musician. A former apprentice of the seer Calle de Montségur, he is now called a teacher of teachers. He is the author of the epic bestseller “The O manuscript” and “The Law of Light – The Secret Teachings of Yeshua”. He was born in Denmark in 1950 and is living with his wife, soundtherapist and author, Githa Ben-­‐David. They have two boys, and are travelling the world, giving inspirational talks, workshops and concerts.

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Photo: Ole Bernt Frøshaug

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