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Karsten Ramser: About Meaning in Life

Karsten contemplativeExcellence Reporter: Karsten, what is the meaning of life?

Karsten Ramser: The meaning of life is connected to our state of consciousness, therefore it is an individual expression. There does not exist an objective meaning of life. It is senseless, useless and a waste of time to discuss it. However, it is very beautiful to share it in a peaceful way.

Everybody who finds out what it means to be a human being and why life exists, always does it in the actual and temporal context of his/hers particular life situation. The cultural-social-genetic conditioning is always the frame for our interpretation, this cannot be another way and it reflects the diversity, flow and abundance of existence.

There are 3 basic ways to focus on the meaning of life: from the mind, from the heart and from heartmind (holistic). The mind focuses on philosophy, spirituality, ideals, politics and ways of living, it is all about interpretation. This focus is the mental framework of the meaning.

The heart focuses on feelings, emotions, experience, intuition, pure creative expression and love. This focus is the way we experience the meaning in our everyday living. Heartmind brings both together, mind and heart, this is the holistic focus. The natural flow of both is the perfect balance of human existence.

The question or the search for meaning in life reflects – it is missing, when meaning is not a living experience but only a mental desire. This desire is the beginning of the journey to find meaning. Intuitively we know that there is more than the race of happiness, wealth and status. We can feel that there is more than the endless hunger for more and next.

From my perspective the meaning of life cannot be expressed in words. In the very moment we give it a name, when we define it, it is reduced to being a thing (and all other things are left out). Meaning should be embracing and not reducing the wonder of existence, or in other words,  life is much bigger than the mind.

The mind is a great and necessary “tool”, but the meaning of life must be an experience, a feeling, an emotion, because we live in the feelings and emotions and not in the mind.

The feeling of the meaning of life is born when we experience Oneness, Unity, a non dual experience, when life is perfect just as it is. We all have had this experience in one moment or another, but normally it is very brief. Our normal cultural-social-genetic conditioning cannot handle this experience, but we keep on searching, finding one meaning after another. Finding (mental) meaning is very important, it has the power to transcend almost everything. It is essential to search for meaning and to find it, especially in the post-modern world full of meaninglessness.

May this be the greatest challenge of our times, to find meaning and finally being the meaning.

“A meaningful journey to yourself is the greatest gift we can share with the world.” 


~Karsten Ramser

I’ve been working for over 40 years with art and the development of consciousness. My life was marked by traumatic experiences, depression and illness, which pushed me forward to find a different kind of consciousness. My influence has been and still is science, the metaphysic perspective, Buddhism, the Sufis, the Tao, history, politics, healing, nonduality, transpersonalty and of course art. I work as an Artist, Transpersonal Coach, Writer, Reconnective Healer, master of Nonduality and meditation/contemplation teacher.

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