Anabel Veloso: The Meaning of Life is SERENITY…

newExcellence Reporter: Anabel, what is the meaning of life?

Anabel Veloso: I honestly believe that the real secret to the meaning of life is SERENITY itself. In order to specifically find serenity I always try to enrich my life by being just happy. Most of people try to being happy in first place under the belief that happiness is priority to finding happiness.

However, I firmly believe that top priority in my life is to find that serenity that gives all meaning to my life which I get by learning to know myself better all the time, continuously. Only that way will I be achieving calm and therefore happiness; thus serenity. 

My inspirational way of life is thinking that in order to be able to do, you first need to be. And to do so, you first need to understand what the true meaning of “BEING” is. While searching that meaning I concentrate mysel in everyday activity, thought, feeling and/or intuition, focusing in any task I gotta do especially when it comes to share time with family, friends, and myself no matter what. All in all, the harder the concentration level is letting positive emotions lead my way and learning from the less possitive, the more I fall into joy; which gives me all meaning in my life. 


~Anabel Veloso
Flamenco Dancer, Choreographer & Artistic Director

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