Ronda LaRue: The Meaning of Life… Giving Up the Need to Know

RondaLaRueMainHi (1)Excellence Reporter: Ronda, what is the meaning of life?

Ronda LaRue: I love this website project given to THE ONE ESSENTIAL QUESTION: “What is the meaning of life?”  Fabulous. Thank you.

Please yes! Ask this question. Ask it throughout your life. Better still, live inside the question; seed the question within each moment. “Pray without ceasing”. Inquire. Play. Awaken!

I often say upon meeting with a student: “There is only one price you must pay to experience that which you seek and wish for.” (Pregnant pause for effect – tick tick tick. Excitement builds. The mind turns fully on high alert.) And then I offer, with Yoda-like smile: “…You must give up the need to know!” And CRASH-BAM! The mind freezes. Confusion and dread sets in. Anger even.  …And in this moment, something else is kindled: the soul ignites and starts to pulse with aliveness; it stirs us awake.

So yes! Learn what it actually means to put down the need to know: As you do, the vast intelligence and wisdom of soul will become apparent; she will attune you to her natural presence. And you will find yourself in a love affair with your life’s own genius and in communion with a divine dancing…

“Any question, deeply lived will reveal Truth.” – Ronda LaRue

~Ronda LaRue is an internationally-regarded author, mystic, multi-media artist, and founder of the SoulArts Process of Awakening™ In 2007, her unique teachings and Center for SoulArts retreats in Ojai California earned the ranking of Top 10 Spiritual Retreats Worldwide (Asia Spa Magazine). Today, nearly a decade later, people travel from all over the world to work with Ronda privately, as a couple, in small group, and in her SoulArts 3-year apprenticeship programs where she guides a highly creative and unique process of self-healing and awakening in every day real life. Ronda’s second book: The Art of Living Your Destiny offers a guidebook on her SoulArts Process. (Amazon)  Sometimes called master teacher, Ronda’s apprentices affectionately refer to her as “the loving butt kicker” – a title she impishly imbues with impish relish and a tender reverence…

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