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Dr. Eric Pearl: The Meaning of Life… experiencing life eternally

IMG_5090-Edit-2 (1).jpegExcellence Reporter: Dr. Pearl, what is the meaning of life?

Eric Pearl: Ah, a question that has inspired contemplation and discussion throughout time. One of my favorite answers to this question was when Jennifer (Loni Anderson), a character on the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati was asked and her response was, “The cereal or the magazine?”

The true meaning of life may well be the ability to answer the question itself. I believe that it’s an answer we discover when we leave this lifetime, and that many who return after a near-death (or life-after-death) experience feel that they have known and spend much of the remainder of their lives looking to remember or rediscover.

I believe there are old souls and new souls living in a multitude of lifetimes. We all go through each lifetime here on Earth learning through experiences. We are here to have as many experiences as possible and to find the value, the importance, and the love, in each and every experience, no matter how seemingly trivial. I also believe that we are here to find the value, the importance, and the love, in each and every person with whom we interact, no matter how brief the interaction; no matter how seemingly inconsequential; no matter how apparently beautiful or how seemingly unpleasant it may have been.

I believe the meaning of life is for us to learn to see ourselves in every person here, and to allow every person here to see him or herself in us. And in doing so we experience our life progress, we experience life eternally.


~Dr. Eric Pearl is founder of Reconnective Healing®, an advanced level of energy healthcare, and author of international bestseller The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in 40 languages, Dr. Eric Pearl travels worldwide educating healing practitioners of all fields in the art, science and philosophy of Reconnective Healing.

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  1. you don’t have the habit of posting comments? oh i understand: how would the thieves sell their fake hopes then, if people knew the truth? 🙂


  2. unfortunately pearl is a thief, liar, bully, rapist and killer. his only goal is to grow his fame while making some profit. there is no healing in reconnective ‘healing’. only spiritual prostitution. deceitful advertising. lies. bullying and killing in order to push their monopoly business. playing with people’s hopes and selling stuff like ‘healing’ and ‘evolution’. there is no truth in his interviews. all his ‘interviews’ are just a shuffling of the same answers, no matter what your question is. and all his ‘interviews’ are given with the intent to sell. that’s all. no healing. just a clever thief lying to people with the help of people like you, who are willing to thrash their humanneness for a bunch of dollars.


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