Surya-Chandra Das: The Meaning of Life and The Moment’s Sunlight

FullSizeRender.jpgExcellence Reporter: Surya-Chandra, what is the meaning of life?

Surya-Chandra Das: Life is a mystery to be lived in awe and wonder. Concepts and strategies such as “The meaning of Life” often keep us stuck in our mind and prevent us from living with awe and wonder in the fullness of this beautiful mystery.

But with that caution I would say follow your heart, meet each moment with an open mind and heart, see everyone as your teacher, take risks, be willing to enter the unknown, identify with your essence rather than ego, be willing to be vulnerable, value innocence rather than cleverness, greet each day as a gift, cultivate gratitude, value humility, let go of show kindness and respect everyone you meet.

Lyrics I recall from many years ago by “The Youngbloods” may say it all for me:

“Love is but a song to sing, Fear’s the way we die, You can make the mountains ring, Or make the angels cry, Though the bird is on the wing, And you may not know why, Come on people now, Smile on your brother, Everybody get together, Try to love one another, Right now, Some may come and some may go, We shall surely pass, When the one that left us here, Returns for us at last, We are but a moment’s sunlight, Fading in the grass’.  Amen …..”


~Surya-Chandra Das is a long-time student of Vipassana meditation and Advaita, the non-dual tradition of Ramana Maharshi, having studied with Ramesh Balsakar, Adyashanti and others.

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