Belinda Womack: What Is The Meaning Of Life When We Remember Our Divinity?

Belinda Womack - credit Pierce StudioExcellence Reporter: Belinda, what is the meaning of life?

Belinda Womack: After working with Angels for the past 25 years, I see the meaning of life as discovering every day how we create our lives and bring them into manifestation. We do this with our beliefs and emotions, many of them coming from the subconscious, and often dripping with fear and guilt.

The Angels teach us that living a life rich with purpose, joy and abundance asks us to identify where love is missing within us. Where there is space, love needs to fill this space so that fear does not invade this sacred land of our human vessel. If fear takes over, we fall into thinking that we have been abandoned by God. When we believe we are all alone in trying to live life, we can diminish and limit the fullest expression of our divinely human selves. We need to respect our humanity and enjoy the blessings that come with this understanding. Forgetting that we come from God and are made of God’s energy, causes misery, suffering and separation between us and the rest of Creation. And LOVE is the remedy that prevents us from forgetting.

When we practice filling up with Divine Love throughout the day, we support ourselves in releasing both subconscious, as well as any conscious level fears. This action, as pure and simple as taking a deep breath, helps us to connect with the child that lives within our hearts. Here we find the wise mystic that will show us the way through our troubles into the light and everlasting joy. God’s Child not only understands the higher power that comes with our divinity and is more than willing to teach our adult selves how to experience that loving is blissful living!


~Belinda Womack, intuitive problem solver, counselor, inventor, spiritual messenger, teacher, dream interpreter, healing facilitator, and the author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life.

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