Anat Baniel: The Meaning of Life… “Knowing Thy Self”

Anat Baniel final 7x10 promo photoExcellence Reporter: Anat, what is the meaning of life?

Anat Baniel: I believe that the meaning of life is life itself – lived to its fullest, fulfilling on our deepest dreams while honoring our values, the best we can. As humans, to be fully alive and to fulfill on our human destiny, we need to continue learning, growing and evolving throughout life.

From working with thousands of people, from infants to those in their nineties, I discovered that it is when our brains wake up and resume creating new connections, new patterns and expanded possibilities, that we become most vital.

The learning I refer to here is first and foremost “know thy self”. This kind of learning leads to discovery of new ways of thinking, feeling, moving and relating, and it empowers potent, successful and satisfying action. It empowers the freedom for you to discover what you want to do, what it is that you are moved to create, and be able to create your life to your liking.

To have the necessary energy, vitality and resourcefulness to create the life you want, you need to wake up your brain to resume growing and creating new patterns and possibilities for you.

Brain research shows that our brains will change for the better, at any age, when provided with the right conditions, or what I call The Nine Essentials of the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®. You can apply these Essentials in anything you do and experience enhance vitality, creativity, well-being and joy.

Here are the 9 Essentials:

1. Movement with Attention 2. Slow 3. Subtlety
4. Variation 5. Enthusiasm 6. The Learning Switch
7. Flexible Goals 8. Imagination and Dreams 9. Awareness

If you’d like to experience free NeuroMovement lessons, hear Dr Michael Merzenich talk about brain change and ABM, and learn more about the 9 Essentials, go to


~Anat Baniel, author, teacher and founder of NeuroMovement® – a powerful practice that takes advantage of the brain’s ability to change itself to heal body and mind. She was trained as a clinical psychologist, dancer, and was close professional associate of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Anat is the author of Move Into Life and Kids Beyond Limits.

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