Jose Luis Stevens: The Ultimate Meaning of Life

josestevenscolor-1Excellence Reporter: Dr. Stevens, what is the meaning of life?

Jose Luis Stevens: From my point of view, based on sixty eight years of life experience that includes working as a psychologist, writer, consultant, and teacher, and being a husband, father, and grampa, there most definitely is a meaning to life, not just one but several.

The first is to experience what it is to be fully human. I don’t think one can be fully human based on one lifetime so I accept that it takes many challenging lives experiencing all races, genders, ages, cultures, belief system, religions, historical time periods and so on to discover what it is to be human.

Secondly and more importantly the meaning of life is to learn from mistakes and evolve in consciousness through a series of developmental stages. The infant stage or early lifetimes are survival oriented, the toddler stage is rule oriented, the child stage is success oriented, the young adult stage is relationship oriented, and finally the adult stage is philosophically oriented, understanding the big picture that we are all one and united with spirit.

The ultimate meaning of life is to unconditionally love everyone and to understand that we are all unconditionally loved by Spirit.


~Jose Luis Stevens PhD. is an international lecturer, organizational consultant, and executive coach to CEOs, producers, actors, and varied professionals including attorneys, economists, and scientists. He is the president and co-founder of The Power Path Inc.

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