Mahendra Trivedi: The Catalyst of Meaning

Guruji's Approved Color April_16_07I don’t like theory and philosophy. Something worthy of contribution to a person’s life seldom comes in the form of theory and philosophy. It comes in the form of true experience—in good health, loving relationships, peace, clarity and quality living. Truth and meaning in life brings health, wealth and happiness. Philosophers talk about it, but it cannot be received or understood from the mouths of philosophers.

Most of the world’s religious figures, spiritual masters and transformational leaders tend to get philosophical when it comes to the meaning of life and self-discovery. Theory and philosophy, while thought-provoking and fun to ponder, is a passive process: pretty talk, but limited practical application and implementation for day-to-day living. True self-discovery and meaning is a constant and active process. It’s real shifts in the world and reality that we experience on an everyday basis. So long as we are talking about meaning and happiness—what it looks like, what it smells like, and what it feels like—then we are not truly living it. There is no integration of self-realization.

Meaning, Perception and You

Your existing reality is a direct reflection of your spirit—it is your own consciousness that reflects itself back to you in the form of “perception.” Imagine walking down a street and seeing someone sitting, head down and eyebrows furrowed. Then imagine a couple holding hands and laughing together. Are these people all in the same reality, or even in the same world? Each life has problems, joys and sorrows, a separate meaning and unique path of purpose. Each life exists within unique perceptual realities.

When your energy is low, you are in a disempowered state. Someone in a state of depression may look at the world and find no meaning, no purpose—they may feel exhausted and uninspired, with fragile relationships and many physical disorders and diseases. In contrast, someone living in an empowered state may feel energetic, have deep and loving relationships, be socially magnetic, and live with happiness and good health. They will see the beams of warm sunlight cascading through their windowsill, whereas the disempowered person will see the gum stuck to the floor. These are two different worlds: two separate realities conceived through a different state of consciousness and perception.

Life is a path made up of thousands of different realities. All exist equally and independently of each other, but all are present at one point in time.  It is your perception; your consciousness determines your existing reality. When you expand your consciousness, your perception changes. The reality in which you exist genuinely shifts. So in a sense, as your reality shifts so does your purpose and meaning.

True meaning in life comes from discovering your life’s purpose. Everyone is born with unique gifts and abilities. However, many people wander through life confused and unaware of their own potential and capabilities. Those in a higher state of consciousness are able to recognize their gifts, but must then optimize and implement them into their everyday lives.

Discovering the Catalyst of Meaning

In my own life, I had to discover my own gifts and abilities. As my consciousness evolved, so did my reality and perception. I discovered that I had the unique ability to harness and transmit universal energy. Through the implementation of this gift, I have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people over two decades. My life gained profound meaning and purpose.

As I developed this gift, I became curious about the capabilities and limitations of this energy. Science shows us that everything is composed of energy. Through my new perception of reality, I knew the entire universe and all of its composing particles are controlled and regulated by an intelligent life energy. I realized that it is the active force that either sustains our current realities, or allows us to transcend to new and improved ones. If we can harness more of this life energy, powerful transformation takes place.

Science and the Trivedi Effect

I sought to fully understand its potential. I have conducted over 4,000 science experiments. I have harnessed and demonstrated the beneficial impact of this energy in agriculture, biotechnology, animal husbandry, genetics, cancer, human health and materials science. These science experiments have over 200 publications that have been adopted by the National Institutes of Health and the world’s top universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Oxford and Cambridge.

I have worked with renowned scientists, from prestigious universities and research institutes all over the world, who have verified that this energy is capable of transforming every living and nonliving thing. The transformed organism or material can then function at an optimized capacity. We call this phenomenon the Trivedi Effect. If this energy can transform plants, animals, microbes and nonliving materials without theory or philosophy, then why not humans?

If there is one thing that I have learned through my journey as a Spiritual Master and scientist who has transformed the lives of over 250,000 people, celebrities, top-level executives and multi-billion-dollar business owners all over the world, it is that life purpose and meaning do not come from philosophy and theory. Meaning arises from active self-discovery of our gifts, and purpose comes through the implementation of them. Only then can we discover life’s purpose for us. Only then can we transcend to new realities and higher levels of consciousness. Only then does meaning exist.


~Guruji Mahendra Trivedi is recognized throughout the world for the discovery of his unique ability to transmit an extremely powerful and all-encompassing form of energy. The revolutionary impact of this energy is called The Trivedi Effect® . Mr. Trivedi  is a pioneer in bridging the gap between science and consciousness and his mission is to share the Trivedi Effect with the world, establishing a new scientific paradigm that will bring about lasting solutions to the world’s most pressing problems and vastly improve the human condition.

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  1. Wow, this is Energy Healing with positive scientific proof, this should be headline news. The Trivedi Effect does miracles.


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