Jacqui Lalita: What is the Meaning of Life?

jacquiWhen all your desires are distilled;
You will cast just two votes: to love more, and be happy.

Here we all are on this lush rock of a planet spiraling through space! What are the odds?  Why have we come so far and endured so much to be here?

I believe the answer is quite simple. In essence, we’ve come here to love, to be happy and in peace, and to help others in kind. What more could we do with the days we are given here than to truly be here now, living in wonder and appreciation, contributing in some way to the collective tapestry being woven together by every sentient creature we share this spiraling world with. To serve and remember the Divine Source from which we’ve come is a chance we are given each day as we rise. We, who as Rilke says, have been “sent out beyond our recall” have come all this way to recall that very Divine Source of our existence.

We all come with our own unique soul mission, so perhaps the pertinent question is “What is the meaning of my life?”

To find our particular soul calling and bring it forth, giving the fullness of the gifts we’ve been given, this is the work of every soul and will mean something different to each of us.  What I’ve learned in these humble years dancing and singing my praises on this green Earth, is that to surrender myself to my soul’s calling is to know the very meaning in my existence.

There is a heat and fire to living, a mystery and unending wonder that reveals itself through the tender throbbing of our wild hearts. This vast ocean of life is beckoning us to plunge into its resplendent waters, that we may be awed into the present moment by the drenching beauty of it all. Come now to the ocean of your days. Dive in and enter life which yearns to live itself through you. Be happy. Be free. Be who you came to be.

May we make it a good one, a good life with right relations and right livelihood. May we uplift all those we come in contact with, shining as sparks of the exquisite flame, living, breathing, speaking, and expressing as radiant emanations of Creation itself.


~Jacqui Lalita is a mythical storyteller who travels the world teaching traditional dances of the Middle East and devotional dance as a path of healing. She leads rejuvenating retreats for women and is passionate about reawakening the feminine mysteries and igniting divine joy. She is the author of two books of poetry, Romancing the Divine and Rebirth of Venus. The moon, stars, plants and furry creatures continue to be her greatest teachers.

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