Carol Sanford: The Meaning of Life… Producing Consciousness

Carol-lowrez112Consciousness is a way of living. Can we be observant of our actions while we take them; perceive their effects prior to creating them; and ‘see’ what is initiating our actions starting early in our thinking. It is not culturally expected or taught in the Western world and less and less in the East.

And yet it is the source of all the effects we create. We cannot manifest our highest intentions and aspirations if we cannot build this capability. It is a very practical thing for business to have consciousness at work. It is foundational for great relationships. It is very learnable as well and the best place is in an organization where you have a community to work with. You also have very measureable effects in the market which let you know the degree to which are truly guiding your own execution with conscious choices.

Even beyond our own consciousness, is our responsibility for the consciousness of others. The most important aspect of working on consciousness is to produce an “excess” of it as often as we can. Most humans on the planet are not introduced to the practices nor have the conditions in life to take it own. But it turns out that at any moment in time, when we can work on our self-directness to a degree that we put more back into the universe that others can draw on. The real meaning of life is to be a net producer of consciousness.


~Carol Sanford, Executive Director of The Responsible Business Executive Education Program at University of WA;  Founder and Producer of The Regenerative Business Summit; Author of two bestselling, multi-award winning books (The Responsible Business, The Responsible Entrepreneur) and soon, The Regenerative Organization: Designing Work for Enlightened Disruption, out this fall, all of which are global case stories of her four decades as an executive educator to Fortune 500 and Rock Star Entrepreneurs, through Carol Sanford Institute.

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