Wah! on the Meaning of Life

wah_webphoto_RGBYou made a promise to yourself. You said you would feel it, find it, be it in this lifetime.  Each of us seeks something – a seed inside waiting to blossom. It becomes your magnificence. It’s a recurring theme that comes up again and again. You call it a dream, a legacy, a mission – it pulls you towards experiences and people that match what you’re trying to find.

The meaning of life is your journey exploring that mission. I can’t tell you what your mission is. Only you know. You have to go within to find it. YOU are the common thread in every experience you have. You might want to overcome fear, help a loved one, root out corruption, whatever it is, it will call you forward and bring you relationships and situations. The exact details don’t matter as much as how you feel. If you forget your mission (what you promised yourself) and go on someone else’s mission, you’re miserable. If you move in harmony with your inner purpose, you’re happy.

I’m a musician, so my dream is to use sound and song to heal, comfort, soothe, relax. I sing and create music and performance art to transform people. I want to know exactly how healing works – how an injury is healed, an illness reversed, a mistake rectified. How do invisible things like thought, sound, light and breath turn into visible things like cells, muscles, brain matter?  Friends, jobs, houses?

I remember a sign I saw as a young child, which illustrates my point: Everyone has inside himself (or herself) – what shall I call it – a piece of good news. Make sure you share yours.


~Wah! has been making music for the yoga world for 25 years and published books on yoga and healing. She performs Healing Concerts in planetariums and theaters around the world.

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