Barbara Biziou: The Meaning of Life… Through the Eyes of the Soul

RPRZrNQ0_P-HRkXJHrmzoxcCqyuZgqix3zK2Kfwla6gExcellence Reporter: Barbara, what is the meaning of life?

Barbara Biziou: The meaning of life is simply to allow Life to live through us. To totally experience the gift of being a spiritual soul in a physical body on this amazing planet Earth.

Each moment we have the opportunity to engage our senses: to smell the flowers, to taste a ripe piece of fruit, to hear the sweet song of a bird, to walk on the earth and to see glorious color. What a gift we have been given!

I am always blown away by the diversity on this planet. I drink in the colors, sounds and smells of the cities, the beaches, the oceans, deserts and the mountains. I love experiencing the art, music and creativity of different generations and cultures.

When we can see through the eyes of the soul, the meaning of life becomes crystal clear.


~Barbara Biziou, author of The Joy of Ritual and The Joy of Family Rituals, has spent her life diving deeply into spiritual teachings, comparative religion, meditation, healing, neuroscience and global rituals. Her greatest passion is marrying cross-cultural ancient rituals and applying them to current times, creating what she refers to as the “Alchemical Art of Ritual Fusion.”

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