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Sophia Wise One: The Meaning of Life and The Cosmic Soup

Extatic Wealth Raw d2-12837Excellence Reporter: Sophia, what is the meaning of life?

Sophia Wise One: The part I love most about this question is that the answer is only as valuable as it is liberating. We could discuss this from many points of view, for instance a large concept place or the smaller real life application style.

Let’s start with real life. When I say “real life” I mean this manifested life materialized life form and the actions, thoughts, and things that fill our time and space. In that regard, We are here to play. To play full out the experiences that we can only have as humans. Play is about exploration, non-judgment, responsiveness, care, engagement, receptivity, making offers, preferences, joy, rest, and freedom. Playing with and through our consciousness, sensuality, and the connection and distance between things that seem separate. The varying temperatures, pains and pleasures of life.

I often say that in the end I could die and discover that all of my beliefs systems are completely false — as I stand right now that is OK with me. These beliefs systems lead me to be kinder, happier in my own skin, inspired, and able to sleep well at night. So who cares if I am “right?” Not me.

Although the meaning of life is likely beyond our comprehension, it is not beyond our experience. Somehow this great mystery, this cosmic soup, in some mysterious way becomes form and materializes. That materialization is me, it’s you. As far as I can tell, the purpose of being here is to be here. In all it’s messiness, in all it’s mystery. That my responsibility is to do whatever I need do to experience, the physical, emotional, cognitive, invisible but tangible life force. The point is to not miss it. The point is to be it, to be life. And life to me is vibrancy, playfulness, the indefinable pushing up against definition, the sensation of form. As a result of fulfilling our purpose of fully being here and human we fall in love with life and form.

“The meaning of life is not to love, love is the result of being.”


~Sophia Wise One, Daughter of the Wind
Sophia is a teacher, author, entrepreneur, speaker, live action role player, wife, healer, singer, and family/friend member of a wise and precious tribe. She’s been called a modern day medicine woman.

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