Bonny Meyer: The Meaning of Life is Love

Excellence Reporter: Bonny, what is the meaning of life?

Bonny Meyer: The meaning of life is to love and what gives meaning to life is love. Love is the essence of our being. We are born lovers. If you don’t believe me, just look at the way a baby looks up into her mother’s eyes and the way she returns her gaze. Pure love. Profoundly fundamental.

Now if we just remained this pure, this innocent, and loving our world would be a beautiful place. But we get bumps and bruises along life’s path. Then the mission of life becomes the healing and decluttering that’s required to make our way back to the essence of who we are underneath the wounds and armor we have accumulated. 

All this takes outrageous courage and boatloads of forgiveness. And I don’t mean forgiveness the way it was described to me in Sunday school. Forgiveness is proactively putting down the burden of self-recrimination and other condemnation. Doing this creates a wide-open space for love and peace to breathe and be restored to the heart and soul. Peace, like love, is the Intel inside. It is always there underneath the garbage life throws at us. 

Love is a force. God Force. The Creative Force. The Creative Intelligence that courses through our bodies, all living beings, and all of creation. When for a moment, we manage to put aside the hurts and troubles, the barriers, the defenses we think protect us but in truth hold us hostage, love explodes and burnishes our hearts. In those moments of stillness there is an ecstasy of spirit as we experience God Force, God Love filling us and overflowing into everyone and everything around us. This is our life mission; to transcend the pain and drama of life and allow love to flow through us more and more. To the degree we do this we are transformed and the world around us is likewise transformed. This is how we bless and change ourselves and our world simultaneously. 

The meaning of life is to love more and more and more and more. In so doing our life has more and more and more meaning. 


~Bonny Meyer is co-founder of the iconic winery, Silver Oak Cellars, and author of the book, Perfectly Paired: The Love Affair Behind Silver Oak Cellars.

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