Karen Newell: The Meaning of Life and Recalling the Feeling of Pure Love

SONY DSCEach of us is a unique reflection of a whole and it is our purpose to discover that singular essence within, to remember who we truly are in a grander sense. From there, we are then able to become our full potential, likely more than we can currently imagine. By going deep within our individual consciousness through meditation, introspection or mindfulness practices, we are able to glimpse this larger picture and to feel more readily our connection to the whole.

We are fundamentally spiritual beings who are privileged to temporarily inhabit a human body and we would be wise to cherish such an experience here in the physical realm. When it seems our world is crumbling around us, our response to such challenges is the key to living. Knowing that all adversity has a higher purpose is essential.

Maintaining a sense of grace, acceptance and ease allows us to face our hardships knowing they are part of a larger plan to strengthen both our character and greater soul. This can be accomplished most easily by practicing a demeanor of neutrality and non-judgment towards ourselves and others. We learn best through personal experience and expanding to a wider view helps us to realize our part in this process.

Ultimately, learning to love our self is crucial to life. We are taught the importance of loving others the same as we love our self and indeed, many are focused on helping others. Yet, simultaneously, we are taught that to put our self first is narcissistic and undesirable. In the end, we all are containers of love and need only to activate that love already inside of us. This is accomplished by recalling a feeling of pure love, such as that of a playful puppy.

As we consciously generate that love in our hearts, we actually become the love that we are. Such beneficial feeling causes our heart field to expand widely around the body. The energy of love contained within that heart field then affects others around us, without them necessarily knowing. Through practiced awareness of the heart’s field, we can actively expand it through expressions of joy, love and gratitude. The more of us who accomplish this, the more loving our collective world will become.


~Karen Newell is co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, an innovator in the emerging field of brainwave entrainment audio recordings. She teaches how to engage deep within in order to connect to inner guidance, achieve inspiration, improve wellness, develop intuition and much more. Her lifelong passion to reveal the truth of our ancient past and the significance of sacred sites, led to a search for personal answers to big questions as she avidly sought out non-mainstream sources of history, spirituality, science and healing. It became clear that direct experience is crucial to our existence. At workshops presented with Dr. Eben Alexander, Karen empowers others by demonstrating practices such as heart awareness, intention, maintaining neutrality, emotional management and cultivating internal knowing.

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