Susan Chernak McElroy: The Meaning of Life… a unique tapestry from birth to passing

1-2Excellence Reporter: Susan, what is the meaning of life?

Susan Chernak McElroy: The meaning of life—is simply life itself. The trajectory of life is always toward more life.

If you look deeply at this, you know it is true: in the interwoven tapestry of nature there is no death, only reassembly. In the process of death, the deer becomes soil, grass, and part of every creature who sups upon her.

The meaning of human life is ours to create, each one of us crafting a unique tapestry from birth to passing. Whatever the stories and adventures of life that create our tapestry’s weft, humankind would do best if we could all learn to make our warp strands from sturdy filaments of kindness, respect, and compassion.

Weave carefully if you want your life to reflect beauty. We all know what an ugly dishrag some of us make of life.


~Susan Chernak McElroy, teacher, beekeeper, master storyteller, and author of the classic New York Times Bestseller, Animals as Teachers and Healers. Susan Chernak McElroy’s writings are published in more than twenty languages worldwide. Susan is an internationally recognized voice on the subject of our emotional, biological, and sacred relationships with animals and nature.

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