Robert Sturman: The Meaning of This Sweet, Fleeting Life

IMG_0124 (1)Excellence Reporter: Robert, what is the meaning of life?

Robert Sturman: When I was a young boy, a man came to our home to sell something. I answered the front door and I do not remember what he was selling, but I do remember he was a fellow Jew in his early thirties or so and he had a yarmulke on. Over the course of the conversation, I asked him what the meaning of life was. He paused for a moment and soulfully contemplated the question, and responded, “Happiness.” That was all he said, and it is about 35 years later now and I have often thought about that man, his answer, the soulfulness and sincerity about him that answered this very question you ask me today.

You see, happiness is a journey. A lot of things within us need to be smooth in order for us to be happy and one of those things is learning how to be at peace with ourselves.

I am happy when I am self-respecting myself, loving myself, and at home in my body, in my heart, in my mind, in my soul. It also means not wanting more than I have. Being able to wake up each day and appreciate the only life I have and that I have another day, another chance – to live, to love, to share, to appreciate, without wanting more than I have. To me, that all makes me happy and that certainly is all the meaning I need in this sweet, fleeting life.


~Robert Sturman, Artist and Photographer.

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