C.C. White: The Meaning of Life and Life’s Love Affair

MASTER **(1600 x 1600 Pixels) (MASTER) C.C. White - This IS Soul Kirtan! Pic (NO TEXT) (Photo Credit by Dabling Harward) copyExcellence Reporter: C.C. White, what is the meaning of life?

C.C. White: The meaning of life is to understand what a gift it is to live it. We all have something to contribute. Everyone counts and everyone matters. There’s a story to be told for each soul, and if we’re blessed enough to get to share it with each other, then that’s pretty amazing.

It’s about the energy we exchange, how we make each other feel, encourage and inspire each other. Even sometimes how we challenge, speak up, stand up and communicate with one another can be life changing. It’s all a part of the ingredient of being here. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not so good and it’s all okay. It’s living and existing to learn these priceless lessons and if even the smallest and shortest exchange has the power to affect us in any way, how is that not special? Don’t you just want to go out everyday and meet and talk to as many people as possible? I do!

We’re only here on this Earth for the dash in between the day we were born, and the day we leave. For me, I sing from the depths of my heart with every fiber of my being, that’s my gift to the world. It fills me with such a sweet, tender, and vibrant love, I couldn’t possibly do anything else. That’s my life love affair, and I have to share it with as many souls as possible. It’s my way of contributing to this world, reaching out, touching hearts and making a difference.

So I ask you? What’s your love affair with life? What moves your soul, stirs your heart and tickles your being? What sometimes even challenges or scares you a little bit? Even that can be a good thing to help overcome and move forward. To me this is the purpose and meaning of life — it is to discover, never stop evolving and again recognizing what a gift it is to live it. You’re an incredible being, there are no boundaries, only the ones you set for yourself. Go out and live, love and learn while you’re here and leave something meaningful behind when you’re gone. Life is now, embrace it.


~C.C. White – Soul Kirtan!
Vocalist, Musician, Producer, Heart Stirrer

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