Tony Vacca: The Meaning of Life and The Miracle Moment

TV_handsExcellence Reporter: Tony, what is the meaning of life?

Tony Vacca: Seems that the rarest occurrence in all the cosmos over an unknowable eternity is the miracle of living entities. While just being alive in the exquisite chaos of all things is more than enough, the experience is far beyond any easy comprehension.

We among all other living creatures need, seek and dream on the meaning of all this, and then share our dream-stories of wonderment with future generations. I have to say that I love that about us.

We human beings are miracle creatures on a miracle planet for a miracle moment.

For me “the meaning of it all” comes from our awareness that we are here to reflect and amplify the life force within us all, to shower love on our fellow living entities wherever we encounter them, and to empower ourselves and others to jump for joy whenever possible, knowing that our actions and intensions echo endlessly throughout the cosmos.

Be in the moment… become the moment… transform the moment.


~Tony Vacca is an American percussionist specializing in jazz and an early innovator in world music.

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