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Dr. Friedemann Schaub: The Meaning of Life and The Pilgrimage

Dr. Friedemann JW Schaub copyExcellence Reporter: Dr. Schaub, what is the meaning of life?

Friedemann Schaub: When it comes to defining the meaning of life, most of us are either befuddled or try to avoid this topic altogether. There are some, who tell us, we should search for meaning by striving for success, making an impact on the world and leaving a legacy to be remembered by. While others proclaim that we should consume and indulge in all the pleasures and treasures life can offer to make our existence worthwhile. But can we really define the meaning and value of our lives by external attributes, such as how well we function in society or how much stuff we accumulate over time? Or is this approach one of the reasons why more people than ever suffer from anxiety and depression?

If we want to understand the meaning of our lives, we need to turn inwards and no longer ask ourselves “who am I” or “who am I supposed to be,” but instead become once again curious about what else there is to discover about our authentic nature.

We need to let go of the notion that life is a competition or a series of goals, which need to be achieved. Instead we want to embrace the fact that each of us is on a journey that has a defined beginning and an inevitable ending. The purpose of this journey isn’t to reach any particular destination; it is much more a pilgrimage, which when we pay attention, leads us step-by-step closer to the vast and magnificent truth of who we are.


~Friedemann Schaub MD, PhD is the award-winning author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution. Dr. Friedemann, a physician specializing in cardiology and molecular biologist, has helped thousand of people with his Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Program to overcome their fear and anxiety by addressing the deeper, subconscious root causes of these emotional challenges.

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