Nicolas David Ngan: The Meaning of Life Is Contained in Your Soul Contract

Nicolas-0769 Facebook 160915Excellence Reporter: Nicolas, what is the meaning of life?

Nicolas David Ngan: We are an experiment in consciousness.

Human life is created by a blueprint within us called the Soul Contract. This spiritual map of life creates each moment of our experience on Earth which is optimal for our soul’s growth. It describes the reason we are alive, and the answer to the biggest question which is “What is the meaning of my life?” Connecting and aligning with this meaning is the key to manifesting a higher state of consciousness and a more blissful life.

We move into the synchronicity of life by harnessing our natural gifts, overcoming our challenges, achieving our goals and manifesting our life purpose. Consciously transmuting our Soul Contract issues alters our life path and we feel more deeply centred, positive and strong. If we fail to align to our life purpose, we repeat the same karmic patterns over subsequent lifetimes until we get the lesson and align to our life purpose.


~Nicolas David Ngan, is the author of Amazon #1 bestseller: “Your Soul Contract Decoded: Discovering the Spiritual Map of Your Life With Numerology” and a Spiritual Teacher who co-founded the Center for Conscious Ascension. His purpose is to empower others by holding a loving space for them to manifest their soul’s purpose so they can deliver their Gift of Service to the World. He offers trainings and sessions in Soul Contract Reading, Divine Healing, Lightbody Integration and in the UK/USA, live and online,  and appears at events, on TV and radio globally.”

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