Dima Nashawi: The Meaning of Life… a journey into artistic visuals


Excellence Reporter: Dima, what is the meaning of life?

Dima Nashawi: Life is a journey of appreciation of oneself and their connection with nature and the world.

In this journey, the meaning of life to me is being explored and hence translated into artistic visuals. A platform for me to share my thoughts with others. Knowing that these thoughts will transcend all borders and state legislations. That they will call for allies, speaking the same language of humanity and advocate for human unity on earth. I believe that this desire to unite humanity will challenge and undermine cruelty.

For me life is this dream that I will pass onto my children until it becomes a reality.

In this journey, I know that the path of finding this community and fulfilling my dream needs a lot of laughter. Laughter for me grows with the ability to make others laugh.

This is how exploring the meaning of life will be smoother, emotional and joyful.


~Dima Nashawi is an illustrator, animator, storyteller, clown and the founder of Memory Initiative for Syrian Culture (MISC). She creates visual art stories that reflect her own memories and stories from the Syrian collective memories. She interacts through her art with human rights issues around the world. Her main concern is to advocate for the prisoners of consciousness and the forced disappeared.

Dima is also a member of a clown theater company called “Clown Me In”. The company uses clowning to spread laughter and provide relief to disadvantaged communities while exploring human vulnerabilities and providing individuals a way to accept them.

She is holding both Masters in Art and Cultural Management at King’s College – London University and a B.A in Sociology from Damascus University.

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