Dallas Travers: The Meaning of Life… Mastering Unconditional Self Acceptance

travers_dallas_2071Excellence Reporter: Dallas, what is the meaning of life?

Dallas Travers: Life is all about learning, practicing and perfecting unconditional self acceptance.  As we grow, learn lessons, experience success and also failures, we’re handed opportunities to maintain a positive self regard.

My daughter taught me this lesson. At 15 months, she’s learning something new every day. While learning to walk, she fell a lot. But also picked herself back up and put one tiny foot in front of the other until one day she was actually running. During this process, I never thought, “What the heck is wrong with her?  Why can’t she just walk already?” Yet, often I hold those rigid expectations of myself.

So, the lesson… the meaning of life is to honor our inner child and master unconditional self acceptance. When we learn to treat ourselves with the same patience, compassion, love and acceptance that we easily practice with babies, we’ve accessed the meaning of life.


~Dallas Travers helps actors book more work and coaches help more people. Dallas is all about giving her clients the clarity and courage they need to turn their business goals into reality. She’s the author of the award winning book, The Tao of Show Business which demystifies the business side of the entertainment industry for actors. Thanks to Dallas’ creative and holistic approach to business, her acting clients work regularly in TV, Film and on Broadway, while her coaching clients launch inspiring, helpful, and lucrative programs that serve hundreds of people every year.

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