Natalie Ai Kamauu: The Meaning of Life and The Grand Reunion

10646867_10153230543399752_242170085128700183_nI refuse to suppose that I am here on this Earth by happen chance. When I look at the miracle of my hands, when my ears capture the sound of rushing wind in its hollow, when I taste the salt of sea spray on my lips and smell my babyʻs sweet, clean breath, I am certain I am here for a divine purpose.

We are destined to be completely, undeniably different and yet, we are exactly the same. We are born. We die. What we do with the time we are given, no matter how long or short, in between these two remarkable events defines our success in this, our mortal probation.

We were formed to have distinct strengths and weaknesses so that we would depend on one another, to intertwine our talents, multiplying our abilities, repressing our frailties. We were crafted to need each other.

If my life on Earth is merely about me alone, I would be here alone. I am not. I am meant to be here with you and you and you, to be your student and your teacher, to care and to be cared for by you. I am here to first be held, to crawl, then walk and run. I am here to carry you. I am here to absorb and to grow and to stretch beyond what I think is capable. I am here to learn from you. I am here to fall and get up, fall and get up again. I am here to stand by you. I am here to feel joy and happiness, sadness and pain. To taste the bitter and the sweet. I am here to know the difference. I am here to love and to fall in love and be loved and within that bond of love to create love. I am here because of love. And so are you.

If our bodies turn to dust when our last breath we take, why should any of this matter? Why do I matter? Why do you? The faith that there will be a grand reunion of matter and light burns within me, giving me hope that this life is but a steppingstone to something far greater, something though to earn, to achieve. The belief that there is more for me after this life urges me to strive to do and be better daily. I am indeed a part of a magnificent plan designed with me in mind, designed with you in mind, every minute particle precisely in its own place. I am in my place. Of this I am sure.


~Natalie Ai Kamauu“the most beautiful voice to come out of Hawai’i….”
Grammy Nominated, Three time Female Vocalist and Miss Aloha Hula.

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