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James Cowan: What is Life?

When a relaxed spirit meditates and dreams, immensity seems to expect images of immensity.                                            Gaston Bachelard For life is beyond, in the life that wakes.                                            Edmond Jabes I have often been disconcerted by the way we bandy around the word ’life’, as if by doing […]

Nardine Sanderson: Life Is Grandeur

There are many meanings to life, and how life works, often unexpected things happen, out of the blue challenging you in ways you were never able to comprehend, until the end. Life is about compassion, compromise, understanding, strength, love and most importantly sacrifice, without those nourishments, “A flower […]

Ranjan on the Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? Sages through the ages have taught that striving to reflect love, fair play and truth in all we do is how life derives meaning. We learn to do this through our relationships with the universe; nature, plants, animals and other humans. The […]

RiAnne Hawley: Life Is an Art

The meaning of life is… to live a meaningful life! It’s to leave a mark on Earth. By expressing ourselves by writing poetry, telling stories and listening well. life is an art that includes inventing, discovering, exploring and healing. To learn and to teach: art, skills, experience and […]