Jean Troillet: The Meaning of Life and “le sens à la vie”

2156709.imageWhat is the meaning of life?

By climbing the mountains of this planet, I have lived magical moments, especially with friends.

I discovered the hardness of the adventure I was looking for and I discovered myself.

I only have magnificent memories of my expeditions and I continue my adventures through this world with friends while filming.

Currently, I love to share the adventures with my family.

Original interview — French

« Quel est le sens à la vie »

En escaladant les montagnes de cette planète, j’ai vécu des moments magiques, surtout avec les amis.

J’ai découvert la dureté de l’aventure que je recherchais et je me suis découvert.

Je n’ai que de magnifiques souvenirs de mes expéditions et je continue mes aventures à travers ce monde avec les amis en filmant.

Actuellement, j’aime partager des aventures avec ma famille.


~Jean Troillet has climbed ten peaks of more than 8000 metres, all in alpine style and without oxygen. Troillet climbed Everest in 1986. In 1997 he was the first man to descend from the roof of the world on a snowboard, although he did not ride down from the top. Together with Erhard Loretan, Troillet holds the speed record for the ascent of Everest by the North Face, that is, 43 hours to the summit and back.

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