Hope Boykin: The Meaning of Life and the Duty to Teach

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.51.27 AMThe Meaning Of Life is not a simple concept. Finding and knowing the purpose of one’s life can be a task that seems never-ending, even burdensome. But what is it really? What is it that fuels us from day to day? What fuels me?

As a dancer, teacher, and choreographer I have found that my gifts and talents are for me, but not mine for my own self. I have been blessed so that I can bless and share with others. I have a talent that allows me to express myself in ways that so many others are not able to. I can move my body to rhythms that some cannot hear. I have a duty to teach and share and encourage. This has become my meaning, this is my purpose.

No matter how I feel, no matter what goes right or wrong in my day, week, or even my life, I am called to serve others; to serve in my capacity, in my ability, and in my strength. Service may not always be hands on, but if my love for something can touch the heart of someone else and make the smallest difference, then I have honored my purpose. I have honored my gifts.


~Hope Boykin
Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Hope Boykin’s Pressroom Page

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