Debra M. Lalli: Green Pastures

A quivering in energy,
like the uncontrollable laughter
of an infant,
I grow from innocence,
rising from that knowing place
deep within the belly.

In abandoned glee,
I connect with the universe.
breathing in deeply
until the warmth of the stirring
sings out in joyous shrieks.
Toddle about with me
as I embrace life with wonder.

I jump with joy
in hopeful excitement.
A child radiating delight
in a new found treasure.
Play with me.
Stay with me,
and I will give you contentment.

I am pleasure,
giggling with the infatuation
of teenage first love.
An invisible touch
of healing energy,
which bonds human souls.

I sit with my brothers and sisters
at the seat of your being
directing from that knowing place,
rising and falling,
spirited with the passion
of a newly wed.

I am the sparkle in joyous tears,
titillating laughter,
a soulful catalyst spurring you on,
for I am what life is all about

. . . the pursuit of happiness.

Photo on 4-27-15 at 3.38 PM (1)~Debra M. Lalli, 57, Assessor and Tai Chi Instructor

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