Sri Dharma Mittra: What is the Meaning of Life?

DM2 (2) copyThe highest type of love, what could be seen as its summit, is called unconditional love. This is from the point of view of people who understand what love really is, and this is still only what the mind can see, what the mind can grasp. The highest expression of this love on the part of the Almighty One is to give an opportunity for all His children – whoever came to existence, to experience everything. We need to experience all forms and also we have to eventually limit all senses of perception.

In the beginning, everybody has very limited senses of perception. These are younger souls in this condition. Looking at the highest evolution of consciousness, there are older souls who want really to be content.

To satisfy the mind in full is like going to a candy store and you have to taste all the candies. So, we have to use all forms, all bodies, all manner of perception in order to experience everything. To believe is not enough in order to satisfy and completely settle the mind into silence. We have to experience all manifestations of this entire creation all the way to the cause of the Big Bang and including all forms of the Creator because G-d’s creation is infinite on all levels of perception.

In order to experience lower forms, let’s say today we are cavemen and we have very limited senses of perception. But, the real meaning of life that I checked out myself and that is hidden in all the scriptures, too, and you have to find it, is to experience everything from the lowest manifestation like a blade of grass to the highest like gods with name and form. Great beings that went before us that we call gods are themselves all at different levels.

All of these names and forms are ahead of us to experience. We need always to keep evolving and gradually to gain subtler and subtler senses of perception. People who don’t believe in reincarnation and don’t accept it, that is very sad for them, because there is a limit then to everything – a very finite beginning and end, and you have to learn to be content with whatever you’re born into if that’s the way you think. Suppose you are born in the time of the caveman. You can’t experience anything there except pain and suffering, so that cannot be part of unconditional love that is the true foundation of everything.

So, we must, no matter what, whether you believe or not, everyone has to pass through all forms. All of these forms are part of the creation. It’s consciousness moving through all levels of perception.

As we grow spiritually, birth by birth, we have better senses of perception available to us. G-d knows when we are ready. If you are ready: really compassionate, trust completely, He’ll trigger some other senses of perception. They are already in us when we clean our body and mind gradually through pain and suffering. And then, gradually, senses of perception will be connected and we will become available to higher things.

It’s like going to school. If you pass all the tests, earn the degree and grow in responsibility, you gain other “instruments” to experience higher things. That is going up to the infinite, because G-d is infinite. His creation also is infinite. I don’t believe there is end, but if there is an end, I will have to taste everything, have to pass through everything. Then I am satisfied, and then I may say: “Take me.” Allow me to merge finally and become one with everything.

I still want to go backward and experience everything up to where there is no pain, of course. So, after enjoyment up there in one of the Lokas or heavens, you can always go back a little bit farther in order to help others to trigger their senses of perception, too. It’s infinite – the purpose of life.

For those who are not ready yet – that can’t understand that, they have a limit. And then there is no unconditional love. For them, love has a limit. But, eventually, even if you don’t believe in all this, believe or not, everyone has to pass through all the experiences.

Sometimes, people can use Asanas – the yoga postures, to aid in this process. Once I read in one of the yoga books: you may notice that all the yoga poses are named for mountain, insects, gods, etc. We have to do all the Asanas – we have to experience all the forms. There are at least 84 million yoga poses. Well, that’s just an idea, but that’s telling us we have to pass through all experiences in order to achieve Self-realization – to get satisfied and content. Belief is not enough – you have to experience. It’s already mentioned all the time in the yoga scriptures. You have to have the experience. What’s the purpose in cooking food, and then someone else tastes it? No, you have to cook, taste and eat it. You need to experience all things.

This is what I think – that everything is based on infinite, unconditional love. The experiences ahead are infinite – only joy after this point. The rest is painful, but that is only for a moment, and then it passes. There’s a real world right now of unconditional love, and it’s the one we are living in. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantih.


~Sri Dharma Mittra, legendary yoga teacher who founded one of the early independent schools of yoga in New York City in 1975 and has taught hundreds of thousands the world over in the years since. Sri Dharma is the model and creator of the “Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures”. Sri Dharma continues to disseminate the complete traditional science of yoga through daily classes, workshops and his Life of a Yogi Teacher Trainings at the Dharma Yoga New York Center and around the world.  www.DharmaYogaCenter.com

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  1. Keep teaching, my story is virtually the same. Transformation in the fire of my soul through a regular yoga practice! Great story. thank you for sharing.


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