Megan Fairchild: The Meaning of Life… The Sense of Generosity

IMG_1611Excellence Reporter: Megan, what is the meaning of life?

Megan Fairchild: The meaning of life??? Seriously loaded question.

Lately, I feel my answer would have to be to make special connections with others, and make wonderful memories together. To be able to connect with someone, truly understand each other, and care for them, even just as a friend, is something to be treasured.

Success and all that is a worthy endeavor in life, but what is it if we don’t have anyone to share it with? As long as I have close friends and loved ones by my side, who make me giggle, understand my frustrations and happinesses, and people I can support in return, I will feel fulfilled in life.

That sense of community, and generosity of spirit makes life worthwhile.


~Megan Fairchild Veyette, Principal Dancer with the New York City Ballet

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