Rachel Strella on the Meaning of Life

Rachel Strella PhotoExcellence Reporter: Rachel, what is the meaning of life?

Rachel Strella: In life, significant and unfortunate events abound. I believe they exist for five reasons.

  1. For the purpose of making us stronger.
  2. For the preparation of more challenges.
  3. To pass our experience and knowledge onto others, so that they may suffer less.
  4. To appreciate times when we experience true joy in life.
  5. (And the most important lesson). To help us realize that we are here for a reason. We all have a purpose. Sometimes our purpose is witnessed in times of suffering. Other times, our purpose is found in our compassion for others.

We go through many challenges in life and often ask ‘why’ but it all becomes clear at some point — even if that point is many years later.

Each day is truly a gift to fulfill — and to find our meaning.

~Rachel Strella
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