Deb Mills-Scofield: The Meaning of Life and the Discoveries

SfBznNmAExcellence Reporter: Deb, what is the meaning of life?

Deb Mills-Scofield: The meaning of life is to create relationships that make all parties better and whole, to make a positive impact that helps others make a positive impact and so forth. We do this by rushing to discover (to learn) and not rushing to solve, based on our own biases and perceptions.

Life is an experiment based on our discoveries — we try things, we experiment, learn, apply and iterate and hopefully leave the world better because of that.

How do we know we’ve led a meaningful life? Through the smiles, the hugs, the “aha’s” and the people who know they’ve been loved.

~Deb Mills-Scofield — Innovanomics™

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