Wari Om on the Meaning of Life

2007-12 Ananda (3)For thousands of years Yoga has been clear as water on how to get closer to the Meaning of ‘Your’ life, how to reach your true self, deeper happiness, pure freedom, etc …

The Yogic Wisdom give us all kinds of practical tools to progressively bring ourselves closer to that place. The focus is on how to enlarge the cup instead of trying to keep it always full.

Swami Sivananda simplified it for us:

Yoga tradition suggests there are 4 main natural paths that can lead you that experience:
Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga & Raja Yoga, along with other sub-yogas such as Hatha Yoga.
But those meanings I leave up to your curiosity.


~Wari Om
Yoga Photographer & Filmmaker
Travels around the world sharing and expanding the light of Yoga —

Yoga & AcroYoga teacher
Runs the Omshanti Yoga Studio

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