Kasia Fedyk: Always And Forever

WP_20150506_15_58_32_ProI find mysleff being more quiet these days
embraced by the silence of solitude,
maybe what I am doing is trying
to reach stars that shine right above me
and catch them with my eyes
so they will twinkle as I look at another
and somehow share that magic
with every being that crosses my path.

Maybe I am trying to find shelter under the tree
from the constant heat of the sun
that so easily burns my skin.
I close my eyes and I feel the breeze
as it kisses me, and the earth hugs  my feet,
the songs of the birds  I hear give me peace;

some distant vibration of energy encircles me
making me feel safe, complete.

I feel my heart beat entwining
with this invisible energy
as it  captures my core.
I know within me that I am constantly
in search, in search of something
I  so seldom understand, or maybe I do!

Is it love?
Is it love that I am? Is it?
what is life I ask, what is life to me?
what is its purpose?
what is this substance that makes me breathe?
that makes me smile!  that makes me cry!
that makes me feel alive! that makes me die!
Life.. is this life itself?
What is the meaning of this life?

I know, I know-
It is love! Only love,
to love and to be in love always
and forever.
This is the meaning of life.

~Kasia Fedyk, 47, consultant for Jenny Craig – weight loss center

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