Son of Ephraim: If

10745117_10203145805230397_747046690_nIf you can forsake, and leave your Mansion; of achievements far behind
And smile as those numbers cremate; and dance the breeze in glitter glee
If you can work with leaders, free; but vanity’s men succeed, combined,
And defend those few but honest minds; embracing truth in all degree

If you can ‘bide those hearts of mirrors; and robes of golden silk anew
And though your rags fail all review; you see the truth with wisdom’s eyes
If you can rise; ‘bove yesterday’s shadow, when those on top are judging you
And breathing-not; of your success, but print defeat as your disguise

If you can praise; round those who seek praise, entangled on their bitter tongue
While you commune with those among, and falter not in prides descent
If you can vent your God for guilt, when you’re on leave of work; un-sung
To idle not; your time while young, to scape the wrath of hell’s resent

If you can throw away your life’s; excessive cleats, and then replace
To roam the streets with naked feet; and walk with pure eternal grace
If you can ‘cheive, with meekness thus; then yours The Earth; – Eternal Joy
How great in-store; and – which is more – you’ll be a Son of God, My boy

~Son of Ephraim, 29, student

Copyright © 2015 Excellence Reporter

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