Srinivas Krishna B: Life is What You Make of It

srini2What is life? A three word question
that takes a very long inquisition
and a lot more explanation
by which answer may be given
by a ‘Principle of exclusion’

What do one seriously expects in life?
The simple and filtered answer is happiness
But where do we search it seriously all the life?
In money, pleasures and relationships

But, how many are still happy having all the three?
Can they be always happy in that spree?
No, time is always a limitation
dragging back the human expectation

Finding ‘sense’ in life
is an inquisitive thought,
that is, life should not end in vain,
to have an aim, that should withstand time and pain

Is there any such thing
that defines the meaning of life
and happiness on a single string?
Sure there is

If you believe in something
that would make you happy,
follow it and chase it.
Define your rules and rationalize
If you can’t, follow your heart
But never ever, be blind
and dishonest to the facts

If you are not happy at the end,
restructure your travel again
Never ever rest until you find it
And forget not, these rules;
Stable mind, Control of senses,
concentration and determination
to be followed to the destination

~Srinivas Krishna B, 28, Poet, Meditation practitioner, Stock market Analyst (Technical Research)

Copyright © 2015 Excellence Reporter

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  1. Do you think that the only people who had succeeded in their field & public personalities & famous people, can give the meaning of life?.. Their post(authority level) & achievement in their field is the measure of the quality of their thoughts?


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