Linda Fisher Thornton: The Meaning of Life and Human Development

27881-059-300 closeupExcellence Reporter: Professor Thornton, what is the meaning of life?

Linda Fisher Thornton: I believe that finding meaning in our lives is a lifelong journey of human development, a process of becoming the best possible version of ourselves. How we interpret “the meaning of life” will change as we progress through the stages of our human development.

First, we find personal meaning as we stretch to become our best selves in a busy world. Later we may find meaning in using what we have learned to serve and light the path for others. We will find the highest level of meaning in our lives when we reach our potential and strive to leave the world better than we found it.


~Linda Fisher Thornton is an award-winning consultant, author and speaker who helps bring out the best in people, organizations and communities through proactive ethical leadership. She is CEO of the leadership development firm Leading in Context LLC and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Ethics and Leadership for The University of Richmond SPCS.

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