Eve Hogan: The Meaning of Life and Unconditional Love

011_Eve_Dec2011__4304Excellence Reporter: Eve, what is the meaning of life?

Eve Hogan: When I was thirty I went to India to see a holy man that I had known when I was a child but hadn’t seen in nearly 25 years. In a private meeting, I sat across his desk and for quite a while he didn’t say anything, neither did I. However, in the silence I knew he was intuitively summing me up. Suddenly my entire life flashed before me much like they say it does when you die. On some level, I knew that he knew every passionate moment, every indiscriminate moment, every beautiful moment, every lie, every truth—every encounter I had ever had. It all seemed to play out before both of us like a silent movie spilling the secrets of my life.

Remarkably, all I felt from him was love, true unconditional love. I knew that he knew every thing there was to know about me, and he loved me—anyhow.

Now one might think that is a beautiful feeling, and indeed it would be, if I had felt like I deserved it. Unfortunately, however, I squirmed in my shame and embarrassment, uncomfortable with having my life’s choices revealed.

In that moment I realized that we got the concept of “Judgment day” backwards. The “judgment” doesn’t come from God, it comes from ourselves in the face of absolute unconditional love as we have to come to grips with whether we feel deserving of such a blessing.

Hence, as far as I can tell, the meaning of life is to live a life that allows you to know you deserve the love. This requires being mindful in every moment of your words, thoughts and actions and aligning them with your Soul-Essence (rather than your ego-mind). In so doing, we align our actions with the highest good for all involved, such that when basking in unconditional love, all we feel is delight.

The great news is that we don’t have to wait until we die for this blessing, as soon as we know we deserve it, we are able to feel the love— all the time.


~Eve Eschner Hogan, transformational Educator, Author of several books, Blogger for Spirituality and Health Magazine, Labyrinth Facilitator, and Retreat leader of

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