Deborah Burkman: The Meaning In My Life

Deb_Cropped _Corrected2-Reduced_(Super Small)Excellence Reporter: Deborah, what is the meaning of life?

Deborah Burkman: The Yogasūtras of Patañjali  teach us to cultivate a stable mind, self awareness, and a deep connection to our self.  This deep connection with our self helps us to move towards self actualization and a kind of maturing to our full potential.

For me, while I don’t think there is one meaning of life, when I have a stable mind and feel connected to my self I find it easier to find meaning in my life. This stability and connection makes it easier to deepen my relationships with my family, friends, and work and also makes it easier to appreciate the “ordinary” moments in my life.

I find I am able to remember that life is fleeting and there is no guarantee that I will have a next moment. This allows me to truly saver and appreciate the moment I am in.

~Deborah Burkman, Yoga Teacher

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