Takis Athanassiou: The Meaning of Life is an Ongoing Process

TakisHCVWhat is the Meaning of Life?

The meaning of life is different for each person. It depends mainly on his/hers strengths, his/hers weaknesses, his/hers values, his/hers aspirations and his/hers goals.

If I could provide an easy explanation, for me, I would say, that the meaning of life is: to dream, to love, to do, to grow, to share!

The longer explanation of the meaning of life would be: to live fully and in every moment; to acknowledge anyone, anything and everything brought you to your present place and contribute to his/her/it evolvement; to grow and help grow the people and the ideas around you; to share anything that can make the world a better place, and without a reward; to be authentic and true to yourself and inspire other people with your example; to provide value with all and every one of your actions; to live in a constant harmony to your strengths, your limitations, your wants, your values, your goals and your aspirations; to leave the world and people a better place than you found it!

Of course, ultimately, the meaning of life, is what you do with it! And it is an ongoing process!


~Takis Athanassiou is a European operating e-Business & e-Learning consultant

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