Chip Bell on The Meaning of Life

Chip_Bell_Promotion_HeadshotExcellence Reporter: Chip, what is the meaning of life?

Chip Bell: We are on this planet to serve others with passion. It is our interconnectedness that is the source of our identity, our sustenance and our purpose. But, service lacks influence and impact without passion. Dissect that word and you get three: Pass-I-On. It is the passing of the best of who I am on to others.

When we serve with passion we bring wholeness and health to our companions, our colleagues, or community and our world. When we serve with passion we contribute blessings to our fellow travelers on the life journey we all share. When we serve with passion we complete the circle of life — a chain that started with our creation.


~Chip Bell is an internationally recognized leader on customer service, author or coauthor of more than 20 business books, and a highly sought after keynote speaker by organizations across the globe.

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