Adi Carter: The Meaning of Life — Redefining Balance

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Excellence Reporter: Adi, what is the meaning of life?”

Adi Carter: The meaning of life is to do great things that make yourself and others happy. Finding this happiness is our lifelong journey with new adventures constantly unfolding along the way to keep us inspired and continuously searching. 

Once you find something that gives you happiness, offer gratitude for it and share it as much as possible.  Sharing these passions with like minded individuals and finding a way to pass along our love for something is the greatest reward in that we become eternal students and teachers of life.  Gratitude reminds us to stay humble on our path so that we are in tune to abundance and opportunities that present themselves along the way, sometimes in mysterious ways.  

We are ultimately the ones responsible for our thoughts, emotions and actions and happiness must be a conscious choice.  

Choosing happiness is especially important when it does not seem like an obvious emotion in a given setting and it therefore takes practice to over ride other emotions and reactions that try to prevail through instinct.  While certain circumstances might cause us to feel unhappy, daily practice of how we conduct ourselves and treat others as a result will realign us with our true nature and passions as our path unfolds.

When we can keep our lives, passions and relationships all in balance and aligned with what makes us happy then life has an undeniable richness to it reminding us what a gift it is to be present in the here and now.


~Adi Carter
Yogi, Surfer, Climber, Slackliner, Environmental Activist

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Image: Tamar Melen & Ryan Martin

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