Louis Stevens: World Too Heavy

Louis Stevens author photoThis world’s left me weary
I have seen all there is to see
All I long for is my family
To walk this journey with me

I have kissed the night
Watched stars warm the winter sky
Felt the sway of love at first sight
And grappled and danced with life

I’ve held love and cupped despair
But I’ve yet to be anywhere more content
than when I held the embrace of my friend
Don’t let me be afraid

Hold me up I think I’m falling
I’m afraid of the coming morning

One day my yesterdays
will outnumber my coming days
I am far away, I am on my way
Let our fears and all our tears
be washed away

Hold me up I think I’m falling
I’m afraid of the coming morning
Don’t let me sink into despair
When this world grows too heavy to bear

When our time is done
And ashes return to dust
When we’ve lived and done our dreams just
What will be left?

But my hopes are high
I keep pressing rewind
Like time never stopped
Forever I pray
We remain

When I’m far away and dreaming
Trying to find rhyme in reason
It’s you that’s always on my mind
And if I live to be seventy-five
or a hundred-and-nine
I pray you’ll always be by my side

Still I hold on
to moments long gone
to seasons fought
and memories lost
If there is one gift I’d leave behind
It’s that you see yourself through my eyes
Fill up your soul like you fill up mine
May it be this way till the end of time

~Louis Stevens, 27, copywriter and author

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